Hello! Thank you for inquiring about Zanne Bedore Photography.  I am Zanne Bedore, a nationally recognized, award winning ballet and dance photographer based in Atlanta, GA.  My work reflects a passion for both dance and the dancer as well as a fascination with reflections and shadows. I often incorporate complexities and layers of both in my images, posing my dancers in unusual scenes, with their elegant and graceful bodies juxtaposed against a hard and gritty surface.  I have been involved with dance most of my life as either a dancer, patron of the arts, dance mom, or dance photographer. This lifelong involvement with the dance community has afforded me the knowledge of proper dance technique and positions, ensuring that my dancers are posed correctly, both technically and artistically, guaranteeing that they always look flawless.  

My photography work has won both critical and popular awards and several of my images were selected to be sold exclusively in partnership with Minted as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints (you can find them here at When I'm not out on photo shoots or editing work in my studio, I can be found relaxing with family or spending time with friends.